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Iris and Drake

Dogs' names: Iris and Drake
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After extensive research on dog breeds and much deliberation, we decided that we wanted a Siberian husky. We were drawn to Karnovanda because of its close proximity to us, and to the high reputation of their breeding program. We set an appointment to go visit the property, and knew right away that we found our kennel. The grounds are spacious and well kept, and more importantly, the dogs looked extremely happy and healthy.

We fell in love with Iris (a Finn and Irene daughter) as soon as we picked her up. She is a very intelligent (i.e. stubborn) husky, but is extraordinarily affectionate when she wants to be. We kept her busy with lots of running and dog park visits, but knew early on that we wanted to give her a sibling. Around her first birthday, we went back to Karnovanda to pick up her baby brother, Drake (an Aizik and Allison son). No matter how much time and love we give her, we could never provide the level of companionship he offers her. They are the best of playmates, and go everywhere together. His lovable, eager to please temperament is a perfect match for Iris, and our family is so much more complete with the two of them. We frequently host husky play dates with other siberians in the area, and exercise them with runs and walks to MSU's campus. We can't thank Judy and Sarah enough for their efforts at Karnovanda, and hope to get all of our future dogs from this wonderful establishment!
Linda & Paul
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