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Shanti as a pup.
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Akela and Shanti.
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Akela and Shanti in 2009.
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Shanti in Winter 2011-2012.
These images: Copyright © 2012 Robert & Janet St. John.
Dog's name: Shanti
Sire: CH Krinnka's Shadow of Chrisdon
Dam: Karnovanda's Moonbeam
Shanti was born October 22, 2008. Like Akela, she was a Super Bowl pup (this time for Janet’s team…the Steelers), and she too was our lucky charm.

Shanti is the sweetest girl. We say, “she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body,” and we really mean it. She was bitten once by a dog that she kept licking and pestering, and even with blood spurting out of her muzzle, she ran around happily like nothing had happened.

Shanti likes affection, but also likes to just be near us. She is extremely playful and quite smart. She knows a bunch of her toys by name and actually fetches them on cue. She’s the first Husky we’ve had that retrieves!

Like our former Husky boys (Akela/Mishka), Shanti is on a raw/cooked diet and is very healthy and happy. We know she’ll be thrilled when she gets a new brother (Niklas) very soon.
Robert & Janet St. John
See also: Akela and Mishka.